Our Team

Photo of Roy Neufert

Roy Neufert

Chief Executive Officer and President

Roy Neufert established ownership of Global Warranty in 1987 and is the President and Chief Executive Officer, leading the strategic planning of the organization, including the executive management team. Roy oversees the development and implementation of the organization’s objectives and identifies synergies to optimize future growth. The extended warranty industry has changed dramatically over the years and Roy continues his promise of establishing new programs and products that will provide all customers with quality and affordable peace of mind. Mr. Neufert has personified his superior ethics and philosophy of honesty and integrity across the organization. Global’s vision, values and policies also continue to deliver on his dedication to corporate social responsibility. His mantra has always been to be The Best in the Industry! To provide The Ultimate Client Service for his Dealership network, Repair Centers and end user clients. Roy stands behind those guiding principles.

Our Team

Photo of Chris Peischl

Chris Peischl

Vice President

With over two decades of leadership experience, Chris is a driving force within our company. His background in the automotive industry, coupled with an unwavering passion for success, makes him an invaluable asset. Chris’s strong desire to solve problems is contagious. He empowers teams to perform at their peak, ensuring that obstacles are overcome swiftly. His ability to navigate challenges brings immense value to our mission of surpassing goals. Chris embodies a strong work ethic that inspires those around him. His positive attitude uplifts the entire team, fostering collaboration and excellence. With Chris on board, we align seamlessly with Global Warranty’s vision and values.

Chris’s commitment to excellence drives us forward. Let’s continue achieving great things together!

Executive Team

Photo of Joe Korab

Joe Korab

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Joe Korab joined Global in 2018 and has led our sales and marketing to unprecedented growth. With 25 years in the automotive industry on the corporate, retail and supplier side of management, his insight coupled with leadership style will bode well for the Global team and its Dealership partners well into the future. With our high expectations for growth and a desire to find new market opportunities and partnerships, we are confident that Joe will lead our team strategically to a whole new level.

Photo of Glen Farrow

Glen Farrow

Chief Financial Officer

Glen joined Global in early 2023 and brings over 30 years of finance experience to the organization. As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), he has built a strong background of knowledge through direct experiences in accounting, commercial banking, strategic management, consulting, as well as process integration. Throughout different phases of his career, Glen believes that success is the result of building strong relationships, with both internal and external customers. In addition to leading a strong financial team that helps to support the organization, he provides valuable insight to the executive team to explore future opportunities for geographic and product growth that will help enhance enterprise value.

Photo of Sarina Galitz

Sarina Galitz

Chief Operating Officer

With a keen eye for organization, Sarina Galitz has significant interdisciplinary experience, including managing and executing projects in several different industries for many years. She brings a strong work ethic for planning, coordinating and organizing interdepartmental projects and day to day efforts at Global Warranty. She has revealed great potential with her intuitive nature, and keeps all corporate initiatives on track with the executive team.

Photo of Steve Pye

Steve Pye

Chief Information Officer

Steve has come to Global as an innovator and information systems developer for over 30 years, while also being a father of four. He has a focused passion for systems, business processes, and for developing solutions that help businesses to reach their full potential. Systems management, solutions development, and software project management are just some of his skills that provide opportunities to address the challenges, needs, and growth desires of an organization. Steve’s skills, his fit with the culture of Global, and his high level of professionalism will continue to enhance our IT systems and structures for years to come.

Photo of Bill Strub

Bill Strub

Vice President of Claims

Bill brought his 30+ years of automotive experience to Global in 2014 as a Claims Adjuster. Having worked in many facets of the industry, Bill brings a wealth of technical and mechanical knowledge to the position. His many years as a Service Manager at the dealership level, creating positive and productive environments, made him the obvious choice to lead the Claims team as Vice President. Bill’s exceptional customer service skills and ability to relate to the needs and expectations of our clients are invaluable assets to Global Warranty. We appreciate Bill’s unflappable nature, positive outlook and strong work ethic. As the company continues to expand, these attributes in Bill will be indispensable to Global’s growing Claims Department.