Total loss of your vehicle can leave you with unexpected costs

If you lose your vehicle to theft, fire or an accident before you’ve finished paying for it, you may be stuck with negative equity.

Your vehicle will have depreciated in value and your primary auto insurer may not cover everything you expected. This could leave you owing the difference between your remaining car payments and what your vehicle is now worth (negative equity). This could be thousands of dollars – the GAP program covers that!

Our GAP program will be your equalizer

GAP picks up the tab for the difference between what your primary auto insurer will pay and your remaining vehicle loan – up to $50,000. After all, nobody wants to make payments on a car they no longer have.


Cover your assets

While it’s easy to think that the unexpected will never happen to you, the statistics are staggering. Last year alone over 85,000 cars were stolen in Canada, and few are ever recovered. Auto loans with negative equity have risen 50% with an average amount of $6,700 carried by consumers.

Protect your credit and drive with peace of mind, Global’s got you covered!

Global Asset Protection includes:

  • New and used cars, including leases
  • Loans up to $125,000
  • Coverage up to $50,000
  • Optional Car Rental, Insurance Deductible and Customer Loyalty Credit
  • Up to 96 month term (max 60 months for lease)
  • Covers the total amount financed up to 150% of MSRP for new and Canadian Black Book retail value for used vehicles

Nobody wants to make payments on a car they no longer have—the GAP program covers that.


Global Asset Protection: GAP

Covers the difference between what you owe and what you get after a total write-off. Protect your credit and drive with peace of mind, Global’s got you covered!

Need to make a claim?

It’s easy! Follow the steps below and submit your information through our GAP Online Claims System. Your claim will be reviewed by our team, and you will be contacted if clarification or additional information is required.

*Reminder: you must submit all documents, including any Car Rental information, for your claim to be reviewed.

STEP 1: Collect the required documents listed below before proceeding to the GAP Online Claims System

* Please ensure you have scanned these files for online submission.

Required documents to complete your GAP claim:
For each loss, You must provide the following documents and any other additional information Global Warranty may request.

  1. Verification of the primary insurance deductible and Date of Loss
  2. A copy of the original bill of sale, a copy of the primary insurance settlement worksheet and a copy of the payment or cheque made to You
  3. Verification of any other insurance or any other type of recoverables (including sale of salvage)
  4. Verification of any other refundable amounts
  5. A copy of the police report, in the case of an Unrecovered Theft
  6. Copy of your Financing Contract including Your name and address, account number, amount borrowed, interest rate, payment amount, Financing Contract history and calculation of Unpaid Net Balance amount
  7. A signed copy of your Global Asset Protection Insurance Certificate (if you do not have this certificate, please contact your dealer)
  8. In the case of a Customer Loyalty Credit, you must provide Us with a bill of sale for the purchase of the replacement vehicle within 150 days of the payment of the Primary Insurer’s settlement for the Covered Vehicle
  9. Copy of payment to Authorized Rental Car Agency, if you have a car rental claim

STEP 2: Click below to proceed to our GAP Online Claims System

You will be asked to supply your claim, vehicle and contact information, along with the documents listed above. Follow the prompts through the Online Claims System and submit.

Have any questions about the paperwork? Contact our Client Services Department at 1-800-265-1519 or and we will be happy to assist you.

Make a GAP Claim

The GAP Program is underwritted by:
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200 Bay Street, Suite 3100, P.O. Box 119, Toronto, ON M5J 2J3

Collectively saving over $300 million in out of pocket expenses

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