The road ahead is bright, keep your vision clear!

Today’s road conditions and inclement weather may reduce your glass clarity over time.

Our new Global Glass Protection, powered by Diamon-Fusion International (DFI), is designed to equip your vehicle or RV with windshield and glass panel protection.

Global Glass Protection – Visibility equals safety:

  • Improved visibility in all driving conditions including snow, sleet, mud & rain
  • Reduced night glare and reflections will reduce reaction time, making evening drives safer in inclement weather
  • Increases the glass’s impact and scratch resistance from road debris by up to 10x than untreated glass
  • Easier to remove salt, grime, frost, ice, bug splatter and more

Global Glass Protection improves visibility, reduces night glare and reflections, and increases scratch and impact resistance.


Global Glass Protection

powered by DFI

Equip your vehicles/RVs with a new layer of windshield and glass protection! These products are designed to increase the glass’s impact/scratch resistance, improve your visibility while driving during inclement weather conditions, and are easier to clean!

Global Glass Products Available:

1. DFI 2-Step Nano Pack (Windshield)

The two step Nano Pack comes with twice the benefits!

  • Step 1: Provides protection against pitting, rock chips, environmental staining and debris.
  • Step 2: Ensures all elements that land on a windshield, will bounce up and over the vehicle!

2. DFI Ultra Kit (All Windows)

The DFI Ultra Kit provides you with a strong protective coating that chemically bonds with your glass to form a barrier that seals the surface of the glass. This protection provides the same protection benefits as the 2-step nano pack for up to 600 inches of coverage across your vehicle’s glass panels from the front, side, sunroof and more.

3. DFI Revitalizer Nano (Reapplication 6 – 12 Months)

Over time areas of the glass from the initial treatment can be weakened due to contact from anti slip agents like gravel/slurry. With our DFI Revitalizer, you can touch up those spots every 6-12 months to maintain the strength of that coating to keep you fully safeguarded.

4. DFI 1 Step Windshield Defender

Missed out on adding the DFI 2-Step Nano at the time of vehicle purchase? Contact your local service centre to see if they can equip your vehicle with our DFI 1-Step Defender to provide you with the same benefits of protection during your next service visit.

Ask your local Dealership/ Service Centre how you can equip your vehicle/RV with Global Glass Protection!

Collectively saving over $300 million in out of pocket expenses for over 2.5 million customers.

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