Global Warranty Introduces New GAP and Industry-Leading Tire & Rim Programs

Global Warranty has been an industry leader for over 33 years, simply because we provide a wide variety of products, the best coverage, and easy to use sales processes. We are continually refining our product lineup to create programs that your customers need and demand. Our drive for innovation creates a better experience for your customers and increases your bottom line. That’s why we are the first to introduce two new programs to our comprehensive suite of products – Global Asset Protection (GAP) and Tire & Rim.

GAP Warranty

Our new GAP program covers the difference between what your customer’s primary auto insurer will pay and your customer’s remaining vehicle loan amount – up to a maximum of $50,000 – in the event of a total write-off of the vehicle due to theft, fire or total loss.

The GAP program includes:

– New and used cars, including leases
– Loans up to $125,000
– Coverage up to $50,000
– Car rental, Deductible, and Loyalty Credit available
– Up to a 96-month term for loans and 60-month maximum for leases
– Covers the total amount financed up to 150% of MSRP for new, and retail value according to Canadian Black Book values for used vehicles Continue reading “Global Warranty Introduces New GAP and Industry-Leading Tire & Rim Programs”

Global Warranty Moves Forward with Innovative New Services and Products

Global Warranty, a proven leader in Canada’s independent warranty programs market, is excited and proud to introduce a number of service improvements and product enhancements, all designed to help make it easier for our dealer partners to better serve their customers.

First and foremost, we’ve eliminated delays caused by missing information and time-consuming, back-and-forth phone calls from our claims process by transitioning the entire procedure online. From now on, filing claims will be much faster and more efficient for our dealer partners and Preferred Repair Centres, and result in reduced turn-around times for their customers, getting them back on the road faster and with less hassle.

In our growing RV business, we will have a dedicated team of RV account managers so that we can provide better, more responsive service to our RV dealer partners going forward. We’re also launching a revamped RV program that will offer broader coverage, adding access to parts and components previously not included.

We’re also excited to announce the expansion of our Automotive programs. Our new ULTIMATE Test Drive gives customers 90 days of factory-like bumper-to-bumper coverage, or 90 days to exchange their vehicle if they’re not 100% satisfied. And with the imminent launch of our Global Asset Protection (GAP) Warranty, we’ll be adding another new product to our suite of coverages that will enable our dealer partners to offer customers a more comprehensive range of insurance options.

“Even as we all cope with the current disruptions, we’ve maintained our focus on moving our business forward through innovation.”, according to Joe Korab, VP of Sales and Marketing at Global Warranty. “By continuously evaluating and tweaking our programs, we’re able to improve our terms and coverages, making them more responsive to the needs of customers, and to streamline our processes, making them more flexible and efficient for our dealer partners.”

For more information on any of Global Warranty’s warranty programs, please contact us at 1-800-265-1519 or at

About Global Warranty

We are Canada’s leading independent warranty provider and have been protecting our drivers for over 30 years. We lead with innovation and continue to evolve our products to better suit the ever-changing market and needs of our customers.

We strive to deliver exceptional client service, worry free driving and peace of mind. With thousands of dealers and authorized repair centres across Canada, over $250 million paid out in claims and over 2 million satisfied customers, dealerships trust Global for reliable service and comprehensive protection plans for their customers.

We are the ULTIMATE in driving protection! Be sure to check out the Global suite of products:

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Global Warranty Featured in UCDA Spotlight Series


“We are a team of driven and hardworking individuals committed to disrupting the warranty industry, for the better. We put people first and deliver-worry free driving and peace of mind,” – Roy Neufert, President and CEO of Global Warranty.

Learn more about Global Warranty’s commitment to our customers, dealerships and automotive industry in the Used Car Dealers Association Of Ontario (UCDA)’s Spotlight Series today.

Did We Just Pay our Largest Claim in Global History?


At $45,000 we are proud to have authorized our largest claim in 32 years. This is why we created Global Warranty, to protect our automotive and RV customers when unexpected costs happen. Keeping you on the road is what we do best. We are happy to do our part in ensuring you have the Ultimate driving experience!

Global Warranty Introduces NEW Tire, Rim & More Program with Industry-Leading Coverage

Global Warranty, the leading provider of independent warranty programs in Canada, is very proud to unveil its new Tire, Rim & More Program. Building on their previous Tire & Rim coverage already considered by many to be the best of its kind in Canada, the company has made it even better with expanded coverage and more options for customers.

Now, dealers can offer their customers better, more comprehensive coverage with three distinct levels of protection – Silver, Gold and Platinum. Customers are able to choose the coverage that best suits their budget and their needs.

Global Warranty has extended coverage to include unlimited curb damage; winter tires and rims; run-flat tires, scratches up to 30 cm; public parking lot damage; and headlight/taillight lens protection. That’s in addition to industry-leading coverage for tires and rims; rips, tears, punctures and burns to upholstered seats; paintless dent repair; windshield chips or deductible coverage; key fob replacement; 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and car rental. Customers also have the flexibility to choose the best plan duration for their needs from 12 months up to 60 months. It’s truly unprecedented coverage and gives dealerships a distinct customer service advantage.

“We’re in the business of giving dealers the best possible protection options and value to offer to their customers.” states Joe Korab, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at Global Warranty. “When we focus on developing the best coverage at the best value possible, then our dealers can offer their customers the  confidence to drive away knowing their vehicle has the best protection available. Everybody wins and that’s what it’s all about.”

For more information on our NEW Tire, Rim & More Program, or any of Global Warranty’s other warranty programs, please contact us.

Global Warranty donates to Hope Story Computer Classroom Campaign

Global Warranty is pleased to announce that we have donated $10,000 to the Hope Story Computer Classroom campaign. This is a very unique project, where an entire computer classroom was built by local high school students from London, Ontario out of a 40-foot shipping container with the guidance of local professional mentors, and their inspiring teacher, Matt Rock. With support and guidance, the students did in fact complete this project! The classroom is destined for a school in the Tanga region of Tanzania. The classroom is complete with a centralized server, a quality projector, climate specific materials, air-conditioning, desks, chairs and computers for 20 students and their teacher. All of the staff at Global Warranty are excited to be a part of this initiative!


You can check out the video here.

Why Choose a Global Protection Plan?

You deserve the ULTIMATE in warranty protection!

Why settle for less?

  • Read the warranty contract carefully. Be sure to compare the parts that are covered by your warranty, and review any significant exclusion clauses. Global Warranty lists more parts than our competitors, and covers more. We are the ULTIMATE in driving protection.
  • Read small print and exclusions. Many other companies hide behind small print and exclusions. Some make you submit documents online or by mail and cancel your warranty when you don’t. You can depend on Global to do what is right and to be there for you!
  • Research average repair frequency. Check out consumer advocate magazines and websites to see how often your prospective vehicle needs to be repaired on average. Global has the warranty protection plan that is right for you and your vehicle
  • Compare other auto warranties. They all claim to be great, but there is only one company that is there to protect you from expensive mechanical breakdowns. Global Warranty is the ULTIMATE in driving protection!
  • Confirm what is covered. Make sure to ask other warranty companies if they cover Wear and Tear. Global was the first in the industry to do so, and continues to do so to this day!
  • Have your vehicle regularly maintained. Avoid many expensive repairs by having your vehicle regularly maintained. Change the fluids regularly and keep your tires properly inflated.

Just like an insurance policy, having an extended vehicle warranty gives drivers peace of mind and comfort. Global Warranty is there for you!


Maintenance Tips & Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance may seem somewhat expensive, but vehicle breakdowns and repairs can be even more costly. A well-maintained vehicle is more dependable and will last longer.


A regular maintenance schedule should include:

Once a Month

  • Check and maintain the proper air pressure in tires and inspect for normal wear
  • Check brake fluid and power steering fluid levels
  • Check all running lamps, break lights, back-up lights and turn signals

Every 3 Months (or 6,000kms)

  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Check and maintain all fluid levels as necessary
  • Lubricate suspension and steering linkage
  • Inspect and replace all filters as required
  • Inspect CV boots for damage or wear
  • Inspect oil belts and hoses

When Stopping for Fuel

  • Check engine oil and fluid levels
  • Check coolant levels and coolant reservoir
  • Visually check for under-inflated tires
  • Check the windshield washer fluid levels
  • Check for any fluids leaking from under the vehicle